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Anime as we probably am aware it today is changed in style and substance, yet it would all be able to be followed back to one man: Osamu Tezuka. The notable maker of the anime style impacted ages tailing him, yet he was not without impacts of his own. Tezuka was vigorously affected by Disney movies of his opportunity, including Bambi and Mickey Mouse toons. He styled his own creation, Astro Boy, to look like Disney kid's shows. As his manifestations developed, they went up against a "cuter" style, later transforming into anime as we probably am aware it today. Much appreciated, Disney!

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 kaneki ken-tokyo ghoul-look
 pokemon-charizard-mega charizard x
 naruto-naruto shippuden-sasuke
 katagiri hinata-girl-kimono
 dragon ball z-goku-super saiyan
 tokyo ghoul-kaneki ken-man
 naruto-naruto shippuden-sasuke uchiha
 akio bako-anime-sunset
 the last naruto the movie-rinnegan-sasuke uchiha
 naruto-naruto shippuuden-uzumaki naruto
 forgotten-wings-the dark side-ghost
 kaneki ken-tokyo ghoul-ringo
 hakuouki-shinsengumi kitan-saito hajime
 madara uchiha-uchiha madara-naruto anime
 kou-yuu-kaneki ken-tokyo ghoul
 naruto-uchiha itachi-mangekyou sharingan