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When we discuss anime, we for the most part allude to Osamu Tezuka as the person who "began everything" in the 1950s. And keeping in mind that that might be valid for the present meaning of "anime," Japanese activity started considerably sooner than that. Enlivened kid's shows started as far back as 1907 (and possibly prior - records of this time are spotty, best case scenario). In Japan, activity was utilized as an augmentation of theater, craftsmen made, tested, and refined this new artistic expression years before it achieved Tezuka's obviously master hands. Three men are thought to have kickstarted the medium: Katsudo Shashin, Junichi Kouichi, and Seitarou Kitayama - names that are not as acclaimed as Tezuka's, but rather essential regardless. You can watch a significant number of the rest of the pre-Tezuka anime in this article from Tofugu.

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 kaneki ken-tokyo ghoul-look
 pokemon-charizard-mega charizard x
 naruto-naruto shippuden-sasuke
 katagiri hinata-girl-kimono
 dragon ball z-goku-super saiyan
 tokyo ghoul-kaneki ken-man
 naruto-naruto shippuden-sasuke uchiha
 akio bako-anime-sunset
 the last naruto the movie-rinnegan-sasuke uchiha
 naruto-naruto shippuuden-uzumaki naruto
 forgotten-wings-the dark side-ghost
 kaneki ken-tokyo ghoul-ringo
 hakuouki-shinsengumi kitan-saito hajime
 madara uchiha-uchiha madara-naruto anime
 kou-yuu-kaneki ken-tokyo ghoul
 naruto-uchiha itachi-mangekyou sharingan